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Jul 2, 2014

Alyssa, Bob, Connor & Ellice : Buffalo Family Portrait Photography at Woodlawn Beach

Meet Alyssa, Bob, Connor & Ellice; a gorgeous and adorable family! They asked me to photograph their family as a keepsake to commemorate a special date for them. They decided to do this session to turn a heartbreak into a celebratory moment of their family and all of the love within. It's their story to share, not mine, so I won't say more than this : I was so honored to be asked to be there with them to capture this moment :) I had so much fun running with Connor and Ellice in the sand, climbing 'mountains', playing catch and fighting dragons, and loved getting to capture a few moments with just Bob & Alyssa before we wrapped up. 

Meet Ellice, such a little lovebug!

"But I don't waaaaant my picture taken!"

"I do!"

Connor came around, once he found this stick. Man, it really is the simple things in life that are the best, huh kid? 


One of my favorite shots :)

Or actually THIS is my favorite shot!

King of the Mountain! 

Dragon Face!

Just adore this shot of Daddy & Ellice :)

I can't handle how cute these kids are.

Such a sweet moment :) Thank you, Alyssa, for bringing a bag of fun to this session! The books & bubbles were a great idea! 

Ellice was OVER it haha but I still love this shot :)

How beautiful are they!?

Worrall family, thank you so much for asking me to hang with you :) You guys rock!

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