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Jul 30, 2014

Ashley & DJ | Buffalo Engagement Session | Tifft Nature Preserve and Gallagher Beach | 07.21.14

Ready for sweetness overload? Check out these two! I loved getting to spend time with Ashley & DJ during their engagement session last week. We hit up two of my personal favorite spots to shoot, Tifft Nature Preserve and Gallagher Beach! They brought their two gorgeous pups and we went for a hike, found a pile of red ants (ouch!), tried (and failed) to get birds to fly all around us, ran on the beach & played in the water. It was an eventful and fantastic evening :) They had me cracking up the entire time, and if this was indication of how much fun the wedding will be, I can't wait!! See you two in MARCH!

PS. DJ, the collar looks great! ;)





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