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Jul 10, 2014

07.01 | Jordan & Valerie | Buffalo Engagement Session, Allentown & More!

Meet the ever adorable Valerie & Jordan!! They were the winners of The Boutique Bridal Party "Buffalo Love Story" giveaway (read all about it here)! Jordan & Val entered the contest because they were struggling to pull together their dream wedding and several wonderful local vendors wanted to chip in to help out. Here's a quote from their initial email, which immediately told me they needed to be a City Lights Studio couple :) 

"Already it seems there will be more than a handful of cost cutting compromises, but let’s forget for a second and fast forward a bit. Let’s imagine 30, 40, 50 years from now: Val and I still a loving pair and now that cute old wrinkled-up couple that everyone knows. We want to remember this day as the biggest, loving-est bash that ever was. We'll still be telling anyone who’ll listen just how wonderful it all was; how many of our loving friends and family attended, devoured the delicious food and danced the night away, arm in arm, volume on 11. The perfect wedding. We’re in love and like our own grandparents still kicking, we’ll continue to be in love." 

I love this attitude and was so excited when they won! We couldn't wait to start planning their engagement session. Check out the highlights from our shoot together, where we all rode bikes around the city (with a camera bag strapped to my back!) and stopped wherever we saw something we loved. It was my first time biking around with clients and I LOVED IT. It gave us so many more opportunities to stop and shoot vs driving from one location to the next. So, my future portrait session friends, I'm totally up for it if you are!  

Jordan & Valerie love their bikes and their dog and wanted to make sure both were included in their session! So, Miles the Pug had his glamour session before we headed off to Allentown, after which we quite literally rode off into the sunset & finished their shoot on the roof of their apartment building. Between the light, the locations, and the insane amount of love between these two, I have about a billion favorites and am dying to share! So, enjoy!! And J&V, can't wait to see you in March for the BIG day!! 

That face!! We are HUGE animal lovers over here at City Lights, so are always on board with four-legged friends tagging along for our sessions! 

The tongue! Everywhere haha

 Love this shot! They are so cute! 

One of my favs!


Those magical little specks of light are actually hundreds of gnats, almost all of which went into my mouth as I was instructing J&V on posing. But they sure do photograph nicely (J&V & the gnats!) so worth it!? haha 

That summer sun!! Love me some "magic hour" this time of year! 

But this one... so much sweetness! 

"Yo! Take my picture for your website!" - There ya go, kid! Ha couldn't resist throwing it in here :)

The sunset, the view, everything! Such a beautiful spot to end a beautiful session!

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