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Jun 27, 2012

06.24 | Mary-Alice & Andrew Engagement Session

Mary-Alice & Andrew live in North Carolina, and were looking for a photographer to capture beautiful engagement photos of them during their recent trip to Buffalo. I'm so glad they found & chose me! We started at D'Youville, where they met and fell in love, and then ventured over to Front Park & Allentown for some great shots. Thank you both for being so fun to work with (and for cracking each other up and giving me those adorable giggling shots!)

06.25 | LOVE Session | Baby Charlie

Meet this beautiful girl, one-month Charlie, and her loving parents who stopped in the studio for an adorable session this week!

Holding her great-grandmother's emerald ring; what a great idea!

Jun 25, 2012

06.23 | Mini-Getaway : Baltimore, Instagrammed!

During the craziness of wedding season, we wedding photographers really savor, celebrate & basically just go nuts for rare Saturdays off. Every time I have a free weekend, I have to plan something (you can't spend a precious Saturday sitting around the house!)

I'm just getting back from a great little getaway with my husband this past weekend. We took our car & drove down to Baltimore where we spent the weekend just being tourists. We checked out the Walters Art Museum, Edgar Allen Poe House, The Lexington Market (home of the best crab cake I've ever had), bummed around Fell's Point, ate some famous Bertha's mussels, toured the Civil War Museum, drank margaritas out of a hubcap at an Elvis themed Mexican restaurant, played around the Inner Harbor & spent a day at the Aquarium (where, as you'll see, I was full-on captivated by the jellyfish!)

Anyways, it was an awesome mini-roadtrip & per my husband's request, I didn't bring my big ol' fancy pants camera or lighting gear (he knows I get into 'work' mode with that stuff around). Instead, I just spent the days wandering the streets with only a small purse and my iPhone. While the quality will never compare, it was wonderfully liberating not to have to worry about a $10000 bag on my back; not to mention the physical joy of not having to carry that bag on my back in 100 degree heat!

More and more, for my personal collections, I've been using my iPhone & Instagram to capture little bits of my daily life. A lot of people are surprised that a professional photographer would embrace such a chintzy method of capturing and sharing images, but I simply love the ease of always having a camera on me & being able to instantly share. When your fun, favorite hobby becomes your daily job, it's important to keep a small part of it as just a hobby; my daily Instagram diary is a way to just have fun collecting bits of the world around me.

So anyways, I wanted to share some photos of our trip & invite all of you to follow me on Instagram. If you have the app, you can follow me at city_lights_studio OR if you don't have an iPhone, you can view on the web at this site : There's more added almost everyday, so please check back :)

Jun 23, 2012

06.02 | Karli & Jim Wedding

We shot Karli & Jim's GORGEOUS wedding at The Butler Mansion & The Statler earlier this month & I'm so excited to share the photos! They were such a fun group to work with, and even though the skies called for pouring rain, it turned out to be a beautiful day (they were even able to keep their outdoor ceremony!) It was great to get to work inside the Statler since its renovations; that place is lookin' good! Their ballroom was decorated beautifully, dinner was amazing & we loved all of the crazy dancing that ensued throughout the night haha. Thanks to Karli & Jim for being so great to work with!