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Jun 20, 2012

06.18 | LOVE Session | Nicole, PJ & Aedan Family Portraits

Meet Nicole, PJ & their awesome lil dude, Aedan! They are a fun-loving, adorable family and Aedan, the wild child of the group, made sure to keep us all on our toes haha. He was jumping, running, spinning, eating grass, collecting rocks, climbing everything, and making the craziest faces throughout the shoot. This might sound stressful to some photographers, but to me, it was perfect! I truly believe the best photos come from encouraging people to just be themselves, and Aedan was acting like every other 4 year old I've ever met haha. My family photography philosophy is "Let the kids be kids!" and sit back, click the shutter & capture moments as they happen. Aedan seemed to approve and hammed it up for me, and we became buds (he even gave me one of his rocks and grabbed my hand on the walk back to the cars haha).

I adore these photos (and all of his crazy faces!) and am excited to share. If you're an avid follower of my blog, you'll notice this post is a little different from the rest, as I chose to process all of my favorites in rich black and white (the cloudy lighting was so perfect for it!) Anyways, thanks again to Nicole & her family for coming out for this session :) Enjoy!

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  1. Anonymous7/19/2012

    Absolutely adorable!