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Dec 5, 2012

11.21 | LOVE | Ashley, Mike & Kimberly Family Portraits

Recognize this adorable trio? I photographed them back in June when they were up visiting family here in Buffalo & back in 2009 for their wedding! It was so good to see them all again & see how big Miss. Kimber has gotten! What a sweetheart :) I photographed her cousin Mason the day before and have to say that they are two of the happiest babies I've ever hung out with haha.

Ashley wanted a wintery shoot, somewhere in the woods. We decided on Chestnut Ridge & ended up having a gorgeous morning for this session! Both shoots we've done this year have been at 8AM, and while that might seem early for some people, it's so worth it! The light is just stunning at that hour, especially in the winter :) See what I mean in these wonderful shots of one of my favorite little families!

SO cute, I can't stand it!

Hahaha one of my favorites!

Hahaha I have no idea what she's pointing at here but I crack up every time I see this face!!

Totally in love with this leaf. No toys needed!

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