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Sep 5, 2012

08.17 | Khristian & Willie Wedding

I'm SO excited to share these gorgeous photos from Khristian & Willie's big (I mean BIG) wedding! There were thirty-five people in the bridal party and tons of guests! Lucky for us, they were all wonderful & fun to work with :) We were really tight on time, but were able to stop in The Cobblestone District for a quick bridal party photo session, of which I am so in love with all of the photos! Khristian & Willie totally rocked it & we were so happy to be their photographers!

Every bride needs sparkly dancing shoes!

Love these bouquets

The stunning bride in blue

The junior bridesmaids & the flower girl were so adorable!

Khristian & her father sharing one last moment before he walked her down the aisle

Live music makes every ceremony more personalized

I still can't believe the entire bridal party fit on the altar!

The girls were so beautiful in their purple gowns

Love love LOVE everything from this series!

They couldn't stop making each other giggle :) It's a wedding photographer's dream!


The colors, the soft kiss on the shoulder, her smile, I love it all!

Beautiful, dramatic set-up at Samuel's

Cute, funny moment during the first dance haha

If you wanted them to kiss during dinner, you had to get up & sign a song with "love" in it; the groomsmen did an amazing group performance!

Khristian & her dad had a fun-spirited dance together, which brought lots of laughter

Dad's "Watch where you're putting your hands!!!" face haha

A gift for one of the groomsmen found in Khristian's dress - everyone was cracking up!

The reception was filled with lively dancing & great music

Final shot :) Thanks K & W for being so great to work with!!

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