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Jul 11, 2011

07.10 | Sarah & Ben Engagement

Less than a month left before their wedding, we decided it was time to get Sarah & Ben's e-session shot! We met at Woodlawn Beach (which, by the way, now has a new beach bar & taco shack that I need to check out called Woody's, owned by the same people who own Dug's Dive & Lake Effect Diner). We wandered down the beach & over to the dunes for some great photos in the late evening sun (which was still hot hot hot!) I caught some cute shots of Sarah & Ben practicing their first dance, even though they were a little uncomfortable during the start of their shoot (let's admit, it's very weird to pose, kiss and look super lovey-dovey in front of one stranger, add a camera & about 100 beach-going bystanders and it gets extra, EXTRA weird haha). Anyways, they are super cute & totally rocked the shoot! See you guys in August!! 

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