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Jul 6, 2011

06.24 | Jim & Natalie's Wedding

This wedding was unlike the rest so far this season, because I was 1/2 photographer, 1/2 party go-er ;) The groom was my uncle and the bride is my now-aunt Natalie, with my sweet cousin Kristen as the matron of honor :) I was invited as a guest & offered to shoot some portraits before the ceremony kicked off. We were up at Woodcliff Lodge in Fairport (gorgeous grounds!) and grabbed some shots overlooking the hill. The sky was gloomy all day, but sun broke through just in time for some photos (we like to think it was there just for us haha). While shooting was fun, being a guest was EVEN better ;) A few gin & tonics in, I found myself along with my entire goofy family, dancing like fools on the dance floor at the 50th birthday party next door. Thank you to the hostess of that party, whoever you are, for not getting mad at us for crashing the party & instead inviting us all to stay & dance!

My super awesome cousin & lil bro doing what they do best, being weird ;)

Had to throw in a shot of my entire crazy family

Lil bro, me, uncle, aunt & cousin + Journey's "Don't Stop Believing"... 'nuff said hahaha

Bubbles & crazy dancing at a stranger's party. Perfect!

My super cool little brother, Alec, rocking out!

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