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May 31, 2011

05.21 | Arielle & Mike Wedding

A sneak peak of our favorites from Arielle & Mike's May wedding. We started the day with the groomsmen, whose getting ready routine consisted of a lot of backyard hacky sack & a little of getting dressed (such a stark comparison to hours & hours women take to prep!) We then hung with the ladies, before heading over the church where we were met with two huge firetrucks! Mike is a fireman, and two different companies came out to represent & raise their ladders over the church doorway. Very cool. We hit Lancaster for some photos before heading to Gregor's for their lovely reception. The gorgeous day was smack dab in the middle of two weeks soaked in rain, and we were so grateful for the sunshine!


The eyes say it all! This super adorable flower girl was also my chatty neighbor during dinner :)

Mom adjusting Arielle's veil before Dad sees

Dad teared right up when he saw Arielle in her dress for the first time, which was pretty much the cutest thing ever!

Perfect, bright bouquet for a May wedding!

Excited bridesmaids waiting to walk down the aisle

Gotta love when you catch another flash!

Just moments after the ring-bearer on the left threw his pillow down haha

Church was covered in paper butterflies; add cool shapes & colors to the ceremony photos

Ladders of two firetrucks & one brave man hanging off to grab an aerial shot. While I would have LOVED to have gotten that shot, my fear of heights was not ready to be conquered haha so I was completely content shooting safely from the ground & leaving the climbing & dangling up to the brave, trained professional fireman haha

Mike's 'gear', setup at the ceremony

When the groom is a fireman, you expect nothing less!

Awesome bridal party! Think the fire-engine red dresses were a coincidence?

After the ceremony, we headed into 'downtown' Lancaster for some fun photos of Mike & Arielle.

I'm pretty sure they thought I was crazy when I asked them to go down the stairs into a creepy little alley haha but they did it! And no complaints! Just Mike observing, "It smells like fish down here" haha Thank you guys for going along with it :)

Rockin' it!

Thank you SUNSHINE

Crazy cute, right?

Arielle's Mom hugging the bridesmaids during the Father-Daughter dance.

Thank you A&M! We had a blast :)

Florist : Lipinoga
Limo : Advantage Limo, Inc
Ceremony : St John Lutheran
Reception : Gregor's Grove

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