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Apr 18, 2011

04.04 | Puerto Rico | Vieques

We journeyed over to Fajardo on the eastern coast of Puerto Rico to catch a ferry to Vieques, a small island about an hour away. Vieques is an incredible place. We stayed on the island for two nights last year & just fell in love. It's a simple island, filled with a few bars, restaurants & shops and friendly locals, happy ex-pats, wild horses, roosters and iguanas! The beaches were recently opened to the public, so they are still unspoiled, and often completely empty. The beaches on the Atlantic side are great for snorkeling but the true beauty lies in the Caribbean side of the island. The water is crystal clear & the sand is so soft. We rented a villa in the town of Isabel Segunda and spent a week exploring the island with a Jeep (many of the beaches are only accessible through very bumpy dirt roads). Vieques Island is also home to the best biolumiescent bay in the world; we took a midnight kayak trip out in the bay & swam while the water sparkled bright around us. AMAZING! It's very hard to photograph, but most certainly an experience everyone should have!

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