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Apr 18, 2011

04.03 | Puerto Rico | Rainforest Villa

Once a year, I take a long tropical vacation somewhere to hideaway & unwind before wedding season kicks into high gear. I was tempted to bring all my equipment & my laptop, but my wonderful boyfriend Jason insisted that I bring extra flip-flops and snorkel gear instead and just stick to a simple point & shoot camera. He's one of the only people in my life that (lovingly) calls me out on my workalcoholism haha. I planned a nine-day trip for the us and six of our friends, including my best friend from college whom I rarely get to see. She flew from Boston & met us there: that alone made the trip for me :)

We landed in San Juan in the afternoon & headed over to Loma Sol, an incredible villa on 16 acres in the rainforest. Hands-down the most amazing place I've ever stayed! We were totally enthralled with the landscape, flora, smells and sounds of the rainforest, not to mention this incredible house with five gorgeous bedrooms, outdoor bathrooms, sixteen-person dining room with hand-painted walls, gorgeous pool & hot tub overlooking the ocean. It was an incredible experience to sleep somewhere with all the windows and doors open, with the rainforest breeze flowing through the entire house. We got up early & enjoyed local coffee while laying on the porch lined with hammocks. Simply amazing! I'm already ready to be back, especially since it's SNOWING outside right now. If you ever go to Puerto Rico, this house is a must :)

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