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Mar 13, 2011

02.26 | Karen & Charlie Wedding

We spent the last Saturday in February with Karen & Charlie and their amazing bridal party for another wonderful winter wedding. I started at the Delaware Mansion with the ladies, before heading over to meet the guys at St. Josephs on Franklin (LOVE shooting here, I mean look at that ceiling!) We headed to a gorgeous building on Delaware for bridal party photos before making a pit stop at Cecilia's to refuel with martinis :) Gotta love it when your clients insist you indulge too! We made a quick stop at City Hall for some winter photos before heading to Asbury Hall (or, more affectionately known as "Babeville") for a pretty kick-ass reception, filled with surprise guests, some incredible dancing & loads of fun!


  1. Theresa Wagner3/19/2011

    love the pic on the staircase!

  2. Thanks Theresa! That's one of our favorites too :)