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Mar 2, 2011

02.21 | Journey to the Grand Canyon

We packed up the car early in the morning & left the Strip to hit the Grand Canyon! I had never seen it before it so I was pretty much freaking out excited the whole way there haha. We stopped to see the Hoover Dam, eat at a very strange little restaurant along RT 93 (see the Marilyn that was painted on the stalls in the bathroom) and were almost there when we drove head first into a SNOWSTORM. Luckily, my boyfriend is Buffalo born & raised and and navigated our little neon green Fiesta through the white-out no problem. When we finally arrived, we could barely see the Canyon! But as the fog faded, we were speechless. What an amazing place! 

Lake Mead!

New bridge at the Hoover Dam

The Guardians at the Hoover Dam

Colorado River

The Last Stop Restaurant (which was one of many restaurants on our way out of Vegas haha)

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