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May 21, 2014

How to Rock a Rainy Wedding Day

Here's a copy of a guest blog post I did for The Boutique Bridal Party! I wanted to share here as I think every bride should know this info (plus it shows off some of my favorite photos ;) 

There are so many great things about planning about a wedding in Buffalo, including getting a lot of bang for your buck compared to bigger cities, an abundance of absurdly talented wedding vendors, and no shortage of gorgeous backdrops for all the moments of your big day! In fact, there really aren't many reasons NOT to get married here in the Queen City! 

But we all know there's one thing that we're not-so-fondly famous for... and that's our completely wacky weather. WNY is such a grab-bag of fun when it comes to forecast and you really don't know what you're going to get. 

As we prepare to embark on another wild wedding season, we wanted to share these great tips for our couples! 

How to have a blast on your big day, rain or shine! 

Tip 1 : Book an Amazing Photographer! 
Find someone who is creative, fun & can think on their toes! This will guarantee great shots, wherever you end up, with any weather! We like to think this describes City Lights Studio pretty damn well :) 

Tip 2 : Stock Up on Umbrellas!
Before your big day, grab a bunch of matching umbrellas for you & your bridal party! By having nice umbrellas for everyone, you're providing cover & cute props! These photos are always fun and allow you to have some fun outside, even if it's pouring. Stock up, and keep your receipt because chances are, you might not even need to use them!

Tip 3 : Think Ahead!
Book beautiful spaces & take advantage of having them a great back-up spot for your big day! Explore your getting-ready location, ceremony & reception site! There are so many great spots to book, with perfect backdrops for unique photos!


Tip 4 : Find Cover! Seek out great spots with covered areas for photos, even if they are still outdoors! This will allow your photographer to use daylight still, and keep the photos light, fresh & candid, even if it's raining cats & dogs!

Tip 5 : Keep an Open Mind!
There are so many wonderful indoor/covered spaces that don't seem like places you'd go for wedding photos. Like, at all. Abandoned buildings, warehouses, parking garages, bars, galleries and more... Be prepared to get creative, be open to crazy ideas & trust your photographer! They will know what will work & what won't.


Tip 6 : Reserve a Space!
If you want to rest assured that you have a dry, lovely spot for your photos, reserve one in advance! Places like the Botanical Gardens and Ellicott Square Building are perfect backdrops for your timeless images! Just be prepared to call well in advance, and to pay up.

Tip 7 : HAVE FUN!

Sunshine, drizzle, downpour, blizzard.... don't forget what the day is really about & why you're there in the first place! Enjoy your day, no matter what!


  1. Fantastic advice, it's so important to make the best of a bad situation!

  2. Yeah, these wedding pictures are heart throbbing. I am in love with their wedding theme. It was really a simple yet elegant event. Outdoor weddings are always gorgeous. I got married in rainy season so preferred booking one of best Chicago wedding venues to stay safe.