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Jan 28, 2014

DIY Photo Projects : Creative Ideas for Your Engagement & Wedding Photographs!

After a long blog-break, I thought this would be a great place to jump back in! A few days ago, I was a featured vendor at The Boutique Bridal Party's DIY Wedding Crafts & Cocktails event at The Mansion on Delaware Avenue. It was a blast! I got to meet so many wonderful brides & show off some great tips for how to creatively display your wedding & engagement photos. The guests of the event got a sneak peek at some other projects, which will be featured in the 2014 edition of With Love magazine, which will be released at the big bridal show on 02.27.14! For now, check out some of the projects & instructions below!

Easy Photo-to-Tape Transfer


SUPPLIES NEEDED : Laser printer, Copy paper, Clear packing tape, Bowl of water, Glue or Mod Podge, Gift tags/bookmarks/journals/etc 

Print out any image onto regular copy paper with a laser printer (please note, this will not work with inkjet printer or photo paper!) It's helpful to use a photo size equal to the width of your tape. Stick your tape down, right over the top side of the copy. Smooth it out, removing all air bubbles. Submerge paper with tape into a bowl of water, and begin rubbing the paper off the back with the pad of your finger. Eventually, you will be left with a piece of tape, with the image transferred over, and all paper dissolved! Dry with a paper towel, and glue onto whatever surface you'd like (in the photo above, we used gift tags & bookmarks!) Have fun!

Canvas Transfer

SUPPLIES NEEDED : Canvas, Laser printer, Copy paper, Gel medium (like Liquitex), Water

Print out any image onto regular copy paper, sized to fit your canvas (keep in mind, this image will be reversed on the canvas, so you'll need to flip horizontally in a photo editing program prior to printing.) Paint a layer of gel medium across your canvas, and press your copy paper face-down while still wet. Allow to completely dry, at least a few hours, preferably overnight. Once dry, spray water on top of the paper, and begin to slowly rub off using the pads of your fingers (do not use sponges or anything rough, otherwise you'll scratch the image off). Once you have all the paper off, allow to dry & finish by applying another layer of gel medium on top to seal the image in. Hang & enjoy!

Photo Tree

SUPPLIES NEEDED :  Photographic prints, Ribbon, Tape, Branch, Jar/vase

Cut your photos to size (these are cut to 4x4" squares), tape two ends of ribbon to back to create loops, and hang! Super quick & easy way to showcase your photos around your reception. Great for displaying engagement photos or childhood images.

Mason Jar Photo Collection

SUPPLIES NEEDED :  Photographic prints, Mason/glass jars

Truly the easiest of them all! Simply cut your photos to fit within the height of the jars you've selected and drop in. This is a low-cost, unique way to showcase your photos and perfect for a rustic shower or wedding! Add battery-powered lights or LED candles behind to give the images a lovely glow!

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