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Aug 9, 2012

07.27 | Caitlin & Joseph Wedding

Take a gorgeous couple, add fun bridal party, and awesome photo locations and you have a wedding photographer's dream! We had a wonderful time with Caitlin & Joseph, who we've met before at Liz & Ryan's 2010 wedding. It was great to get to work with the same family again & photograph them at another happy occasion!

Caitlin wore this necklace with her new initials; what a great idea!

Each bridesmaid had a different colored shoe; made for such fun photos

In a house full of loud women, Dad had the right idea haha

The girls getting primped by one of my favorite makeup artists, Liz Dugan from Teez Salon!

Caitlin & Joe did a "first look" before wedding photos; the Statler was a killer backdrop for this special moment!

Her dress this amazing zip-down "party slit" to show off those amazing blue shoes!

Crazy props to the bridesmaid on the end 4' in the air in 4" heels!

Everyone going nuts on the limo, even Dad!

Theme song of this wedding, Call Me Maybe... it's STILL stuck in my head haha

Statler ceremony

Thank you guys for everything; we had so much fun with you!!

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  1. amazing pics...great phtography works...georgous models!!

    XO Lisa