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Jan 23, 2012

Take a Tour of the New Studio!

If you've been following this blog, then you know that I've moved my studio. I opened a new art building downtown, in the 500 Block of Main St (across from the Hyatt Hotel, between Huron & Mohawk). I posted some photos of the renovations in progress but realized I never really showed off the finished product!

City Lights is on the second floor of this building, inside MAIN STREET STUDIOS. Here's a view of the block looking north on Main St towards the M&T Savings (gold dome building!)

Inside the first floor gallery space; not a bad commute to work :)

City Lights at the top of the stairs

900 sq ft studio with window transom to allow light to pass through.
View of gallery wall, meeting table, futon & changing area.

Three HUGE windows overlooking Main St; allows for gorgeous natural light in the studio!

View of shooting area with backdrop & lights set-up.

Outside studio on 2nd floor; 11 other artist studios

Artist common space on 2nd floor

Early morning light coming into artist common space

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