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Oct 2, 2010

10.02 | Tamara & Matthew

While the weather was awful, we definitely made it work for Tamara & Matthew's wedding (thank you Walmart and your $5 umbrella collection!) We were back at Clarence Town Park for photos before hitting up 'downtown' Lancaster :) I asked Tamara if she wanted to suck it up & go photo-crazy or get to the reception site to warm up & she said, with a huge smile "Photo crazy!!!"  After running around in the rain, it was really nice to have a gorgeous reception site to head into. We love shooting at Fox Valley; the room looked absolutely gorgeous. Dinner was awesome & the dancing that followed was even better! Although, I gotta say that Tamara with her grandfather dancing to "My Girl" as probably the highlight of the night. Special thanks to Tamara & Matt & their bridal party for being so fun to work with!


  1. Tamara Montgomery10/14/2010

    Erica, these all look so amazing!!! I'm so happy I stumbled upon these, it made my day :)
    thanks for all the hard work and beautiful pictures, can't wait to see the rest!

  2. These wedding pictures are amazing! I love the pictures around the town, who cares that the weather wasn't the greatest, Tam and Matt made it a beautiful day, the photography is amazing!

  3. Yeah!!! So happy you enjoyed the sneak peek :) We had a blast at your wedding and LOVE LOVE LOVE these images!

    Thank you & Matt for being so great to work with!