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Sep 14, 2010

09.10 | Sodus Bay Getaway!

I had a wedding-free weekend & decided to celebrate the final days of summer in style. We rented a wonderful little cottage on a strip of land between Lake Ontario & Sodus Bay, only accessible by boat. We were welcomed by chilled bottles of local wine, a block of fresh local cheddar cheese & a stunning sky. We watched the sunset over a lighthouse on the lake while laying in the hammock & then hopped in the beachside jacuzzi. It was all around perfection! Rexie loved running up & down the beach & jumping in the bay & the lake and we felt so comfortable and relaxed all weekend. We are already planning our return next year! 

Cottage listing can be found here: & the owner was very accomodating. I would definitely recommend this over a hotel or bed & breakfast getaway any day!


  1. Teresa Walsh5/23/2012

    So pretty!!! Thank you! We are planning a trip for next weekend! Glad to hear your good comments and see your lovely pics! :)

  2. Anonymous7/17/2013

    Hi! We are planning a trip for the first week August, love your pics :). ~ Janet